Medication Assisted Treatment is an Effective Approach to Opiate Addiction Treatment

Medication Assisted TreatmentMedication assisted treatment has been used to help individuals overcome opiate addiction for more than 50 years, and is considered the gold standard in the treatment of opiate use. At MedMark Treatment Centers, our outpatient clinics specialize in treating opiate addiction and utilize medication assisted therapy as part of our comprehensive approach to helping patients overcome their addiction.

The most common medication used for opioid addiction treatment is methadone, although other options, like buprenorphine, are also available. When taken as prescribed as part of a treatment plan, these medications can:

• Help minimize withdrawal symptoms that occur when an individual stops using pain pills or heroin
• Target the same areas of the brain as opioids to help reduce cravings
• Enable patients to regain control over their minds and behavior, eliminating risky behaviors jeopardizing their health and safety
• Help prevent the likelihood of a relapse

With medication assisted treatment, substance abuse counseling is required as another component of treatment. Research has also shown that providing medication and counseling together as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan is more effective and successful than either approach on its own. Drug abuse counseling can help patients overcome the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of recovery while also helping them improve other areas of their lives.

MedMark Treatment Centers offers both medication assisted treatment and counseling services at all of our outpatient clinics, which are located across multiple states. Our substance abuse treatment program is designed for individuals who are dependent on pain pills, heroin, and other opioids to help them make the long-term changes needed to live a healthier and happier life free of addiction. To learn more about methadone maintenance, buprenorphine maintenance, and other services we offer, or to get started on the road to recovery, contact MedMark Treatment Centers today.