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MedMark Treatment Centers Columbus North OH


Welcome to the place where change begins. At MedMark Treatment Centers Columbus North, OH, we offer evidence-based medical and psychosocial services to help patients recover from opioid addiction. MedMark Treatment Centers Columbus North OH is dedicated to you and your recovery from opiate addiction. We provide a wide array of services to help each individual and their specific needs.


Our buprenorphine and methadone treatment services in Columbus include the following options.

Methadone and Buprenorphine Treatment

As a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provider, we focus on addressing withdrawal symptoms with medication and supporting treatment with psychosocial services. We prescribe one of two medications to patients:

  • Methadone: By activating your brain’s opioid receptors, methadone targets withdrawal symptoms in a controlled setting. Methadone patients take their medicine at the clinic until they reach government-mandated goalposts in their recovery.
  • Buprenorphine: Since buprenorphine activates opioid receptors to a lesser degree than methadone, patients are often able to reach a therapeutic level taking the medication only every other day. The right medication and dosage will be based on each patient’s needs and the guidance of our medical providers.

Individual Substance Use Counseling

While methadone and buprenorphine treat the physical symptoms of opiate addiction, counseling manages the psychological effects. At MedMark Columbus North OH, we offer individual substance use counseling. Evidence shows that medication-assisted treatment is most effective when combined with counseling. During recovery counseling, your counselor will help you identify your triggers, learn new coping mechanisms, set goals and work to achieve them.

Additional Support Services at Our Buprenorphine and Methadone Clinic in Columbus

We believe in the importance of helping a patient in every aspect of life affected by addiction. To support our patients as they take the journey to recovery, we also provide these social and medical services:

  • Case management: As you participate in our MAT program, your counselor will coordinate all of your care services. They will also promote better communication throughout your care team and refer you to any outside services you need.
  • Physicals and drug testing: Through regular physicals and drug testing, we help our patients stay healthy and safe. State and federal laws require us to randomly screen patients to promote a secure treatment environment.
  • Coordinated pregnancy treatment: Pregnant patients can receive MAT under specialized care and supervision. Our coordinated pregnancy programs streamline care across providers and account for the unique physical changes during pregnancy.
  • Discharge planning: When a patient plans to leave our MAT program, we develop and execute a discharge plan that supports them through the transition. A patient’s unique discharge plan might include details about detoxification, support services and relapse plans to keep them on the path to recovery after MAT.

Helping Patients With Methadone Treatment in Colombus

MedMark has multiple locations across the United States, including in Ohio and Columbus. If you live in East Columbus or the nearby suburbs, you can also consider the MedMark Columbus East treatment center. The team at MedMark Columbus East offers similar services and compassionate care to the MedMark Columbus North location while providing a more convenient place for patients in the area.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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