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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Merrillville, IN

If you or a loved one suffers from opioid addiction, you do not have to endure it alone. The specialists at MedMark Treatment Centers Merrillville are here to help you walk through every step of the journey. We also treat the areas surrounding our northern Indiana office, such as Green Acres, Ainsworth, Crown Point, Schererville, New Elliott, Ross, Winfield and more.


What to Expect at Our Buprenorphine and Methadone Clinic in Merrillville, IN

We offer outpatient treatment services, meaning that you attend our clinic on an appointment basis while living at home. With our outpatient model, you can continue your daily obligations such as work, school or family care while working toward recovery. During your time at MedMark Merrillville you can expect to get:

Medication-Assisted Treatment Options

MedMark Merrillville is here to help you overcome addiction with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). These medications reduce withdrawal symptoms so you can better focus on healing.

  • Methadone: As a full agonist opioid, methadone acts as an opioid in your body, satisfying your withdrawals without the risk of overuse. Methadone can increase your chances of successful recovery. It can reduce discomfort and let you focus on healing.
  • Buprenorphine: This medication acts similarly to methadone to a lesser degree. Instead, buprenorphine is a partial agonist. It activates the brain’s opioid receptors to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Buprenorphine has a “ceiling effect,” which limits the medication’s dosage to prevent feeling high or euphoric.

Other Services

MAT is most effective when it is paired with counseling and personalized care. Below is the complete list of options available at MedMark Merrillville.

Individual Counseling

We care about your recovery, which is why we encourage individual counseling to go along with your MAT. Counseling can help you stay accountable. We’ll also teach you healthy coping strategies to prevent relapse.

Drug Testing and Physicals

To ensure your safety, we perform regular drug tests and physicals. These will help us determine the best treatment plan for your health needs.

Coordinated Pregnancy Treatment

If you are pregnant, there are still healthy treatment options for you! We offer safe, coordinated pregnancy treatments that work best for you and your child.

Discharge Planning

We will provide you with an extensive pack of resources toward the end of your treatment plan. This information will include further prevention tips and coping mechanisms. We can also ensure you know where to go if you need recovery management solutions in the future.

How MedMark Merrillville Can Help

Get in touch with our staff today, or check out our Getting Started Guide to help you begin your journey toward treatment. Together, we can create a future away from opioids and help you achieve your health goals.

At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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