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Why Opioid Clinics Are So Busy in the Morning

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If you’ve decided to break from opioid addiction’s hold over your life, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help. Yet, you may wonder why some treatment centers that offer MAT can have a long line of people in recovery outside the doors.

There’s a reason why opioid clinics are so busy in the morning and may have a line outside, and it’s closely tied to the psychology of addiction. We’ll explore why this occurs and the best time to visit a treatment center for medication.

The “Roped” Mentality

Most opioid clinics open first thing at 5 a.m. Patients struggling to sleep through the night often head to the clinic to get their medication as soon as possible. This helps them stabilize and fight what could become intense cravings. Even after opioids are out of your system and you’re no longer fighting withdrawal symptoms, the cravings can remain.

Addiction is a disease that hijacks the brain’s natural motivational system. When you live with an active opioid addiction, normal wants and desires have little appeal. The addicted brain has an excellent memory for drugs, and cravings are the emotional and physical draw to relive these memories. Cravings create an intense desire to want and seek a drug — this forms a roped or dependent mentality.

How Opioid Clinics Combat Cravings

Opioid clinics specializing in MAT can help you break free from cravings. They supply you with methadone or buprenorphine to satisfy the brain’s need for opioids without causing euphoria. The goal is to help you find complete freedom from all illicit substances.

The value of MAT lies in the combination of medication, medical supervision and counseling. Your daily medication is closely monitored, and it helps decrease the risk that you will relapse into drug use.

This is used in conjunction with substance use counseling. During these sessions, you will work with a professional counselor to understand how addiction has influenced your thoughts and behaviors. By learning the underlying factors that lead to addiction, you can address and reduce cravings. Eventually, you will learn the recovery skills needed to manage cravings without medication.

The Best Time to Visit an Opioid Clinic

The best time to visit an opioid clinic is when you need treatment. If you’re struggling with cravings, don’t be afraid to wait in line with others fighting to break free from opioid addiction. The first few weeks are often the hardest, and you may find it difficult to sleep because of the cravings. As you go through treatment, however, you will find that the cravings become less intense.

Learn About Opioid Addiction Recovery at MedMark Treatment Centers

Cravings can make you feel bound to an opioid addiction. You don’t have to fight these cravings alone, though. MedMark has opioid clinics throughout the country designed to help people find their own path to long-term recovery.

If you would like to learn how our evidence-based care can help you, contact MedMark today. Call us at 866-840-6658 to speak with a compassionate member of our team.

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