Substance Abuse Counseling Helps Patients Overcome Opiate Addiction and Dependency

Substance Abuse CounselingAt MedMark Treatment Centers, substance abuse counseling is an integral component in our opiate addiction treatment program. Recovering from an addiction to hydrocodone, codeine, or another opioid is a challenging process that involves much more than simply stopping the use of the drug. Research has shown that participating in a treatment program that combines medication-assisted treatment with drug abuse counseling is one of the most effective ways to overcome an opioid addiction and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Substance abuse counseling at MedMark Treatment Centers aims to assist individuals in several areas of their lives, by helping them to:

Modify thoughts and behavior toward the opiate – As part of the recovery process, it’s important for patients to understand how and why they became addicted to an opiate in the first place. This information can help them find coping strategies to manage triggers or stressors to prevent a relapse.

Continue through treatment – The recovery process involves many physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Having the support of a professional counselor who understands these issues can help patients overcome these challenges and persist through the recovery process.

Develop healthy habits and a productive lifestyle – Opiate addiction can have a negative impact in many areas of a patient’s life, including at home and at the workplace. Our counseling services help patients integrate back into their families and society by helping them learn habits that contribute to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Substance abuse counseling is part of our whole-patient approach to treatment at MedMark Treatment Centers. All of our clinics offer individual counseling services as part of a patient’s substance abuse treatment plan, and some locations offer group and family counseling options as well. If you would like to learn more about our counseling services, medication-assisted treatment, or any other services we offer, contact MedMark Treatment Centers today.