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How Long Does It Take for Methadone to Get out of Your System?

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With methadone-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT), patients can have an easier time managing withdrawal. Methadone has a high safety profile when you take it as directed by your doctor. However, it still counts as an opioid, making some patients worry about drug screenings and how it works. If you take methadone under a doctor’s supervision, it can help you stay on the path to recovery. Learn how methadone works with your system to get a better understanding of the treatment experience.

How Long Is Methadone in Your System?

Every patient metabolizes methadone differently, but as a long-acting opioid, it may be detected in the system longer than other prescription or illicit opioids. The amount of time methadone stays in your system depends on your dosage, body chemistry and previous exposure to opioids. Differences in your genetics can also influence how long it takes for you to metabolize methadone.

On average, methadone tends to stay in a person’s system after the time they feel its effects. Methadone relieves withdrawal symptoms for about 24 to 36 hours. Meanwhile, it can remain in your system for as little as eight hours or up to 59 hours. If you plan on stopping methadone, talk to your clinic doctor before changing your treatment. They will create a plan for tapering down so that you can minimize side effects.

Can I Tell When Methadone Takes Effect?

Your methadone treatment plan will involve adjusting the amount you take until it gives you its intended effects. You need to let the methadone build in your system before you can feel its full benefits. The right amount of methadone will make your withdrawal symptoms and cravings easier to manage by reducing them, but not provide the euphoria or “high” of illicitly using opiods. When you participate in a medication-assisted treatment program, it should only provide therapeutic effects. If you feel euphoria or impairment when you take it, talk to your doctor. They may need to change the amount you take.

Does Having Methadone in Your System Affect Your Ability to Do Anything?

Taking too high an amount of methadone can result in feeling impaired, like when you take another opioid. If this situation takes place, talk to your clinic doctor. The proper amount of methadone will give you minimal side effects. Some patients still experience some side effects, but at a manageable level. Others have few or none of these symptoms. Your clinic team will help you develop a treatment strategy that lets you go through daily life without impairment.

Will Methadone Show up in a Drug Screening?

Drug screenings will detect methadone only when the testing center performs a specific test for it. Methadone is not detected in most standard drug tests. If you do receive a positive result, remember that you have protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A workplace can’t legally fire you for taking methadone if you take it under a doctor’s supervision.

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