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Substance Use Counseling for Individuals and Families

We want to help you successfully overcome opioid use, and we know your treatment will be most effective when we use counseling to get to the root of your addiction. By working with one of our counselors, you can build a trusting relationship with a professional and feel comfortable talking about your life with them. Our counselors have the knowledge, skills and experience to support you on the journey from addiction to recovery in a non-judgmental, compassionate way.

Benefits of Individual Counseling

Our goal during individual counseling sessions is to figure out why you started and continued to use opioids. We help you identify the situations and experiences that have contributed to your opioid use, and we work together to change the long-term effects of those events by: 

  • Creating a safe space for you to talk about past traumas and issues 
  • Educating you on the science of addiction and relapse prevention 
  • Modifying your thoughts, feelings and behaviors toward opioid use 
  • Teaching you new coping tools to handle stressful situations in life 
  • Offering guidance for rebuilding relationships with family and friends 

Applying what you learn through individual counseling can help you become a more productive member of society and lead a more purposeful life. 

Advantages of Group Counseling

Group counseling sessions give you an opportunity to share your experiences in opioid addiction recovery with people who know what you are going through. Having an understanding, supportive community in recovery will give you solidarity so you feel less alone on your journey, along with: 

  • Feeling less guilt and shame knowing your peers have also struggled 
  • Learning problem-solving skills to help you face challenges in recovery 
  • Providing a sense of accountability as you work toward your goals 
  • Motivating you to work through difficult situations and experiences 
  • Creating a judgment-free environment where you can be honest 

Participating in other recovery group meetings that welcome people in medication-assisted treatment is another great way for you to get support.  

Importance of Family Counseling

Asking your loved ones to participate in family counseling sessions with you is a good way to show them you are committed to treatment and you want them to feel supported too. Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, and working with a counselor can help you with:  

  • Rebuilding trust and healthy relationships with your loved ones 
  • Teaching your family about enabling behaviors and how to avoid them 
  • Raising your awareness of how your actions affect people in your life 
  • Processing negative emotions your loved ones have about your use 
  • Improving the overall health and well-being of your family system 

Engaging in family counseling gives everyone an opportunity to set individual and family goals for treatment and work collectively to achieve them. 

Get Help Today to Overcome Opioid Addiction

At MedMark, we believe that positive change is possible, and our counseling options can help lead you on the path to recovery. Our team will recommend the types of counseling that meet your needs and customize the sessions to fit your goals for treatment. Each one of our treatment centers offers individual counseling, while group and family counseling are offered at select locations. Reach out to the treatment center near you to learn more about available counseling.

CARF accredited badge

Our Accreditation

All MedMark Treatment Centers locations are federally certified, state licensed, and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to provide opioid addiction counseling.