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Is this an inpatient service?
No, MedMark Treatment Centers provides treatment in an outpatient setting. Patients receive medication at the clinic and attend counseling sessions on an appointment-based schedule.
Will I be able to function safely in my everyday life?
Yes, the medication is highly monitored by our medical staff to ensure that you are receiving a safe dosage. When used under medical supervision as a part of a treatment program, methadone and buprenorphine can safely be taken without any damaging side effects. In addition, at the correct dose, there is no impairment to mental function or your ability to perform daily activities.
How long will I be in treatment?
The duration of a medication-assisted treatment program is different for each patient. Some patients discharge more quickly, while others find success with longer term treatment. Research has shown that patients who stay for a year or more experience greater successes in long-term recovery than those who stay in treatment for less than a year. Should you choose to leave treatment, our staff will develop a discharge plan to help you be successful outside of the clinic.
How often do I have to come in for treatment?
Patients must come in for treatment every day at the beginning of their program to become stabilized on a medication dose and decrease the risk of relapse. Take home medication may be earned as the patient follows the policies and procedures of the program, and meets other regulatory criteria such as time in treatment and favorable drug screens.
How is my safety/privacy protected?
All of our clinics are accredited by CARF, an assurance that you will receive quality treatment in a safe facility. Patient privacy is regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, otherwise known as HIPAA. MedMark adheres to all HIPAA regulations. Alcohol treatment records are also governed by 42 CFR Part 2. Click here to read our privacy policy.
Is counseling required?
Counseling is required while receiving treatment at any of our MedMark clinics. It is both an integral part of any comprehensive treatment plan and a state regulatory requirement for those seeking medication-assisted treatment. MedMark firmly believes that counseling is an essential aspect of recovery, and our professional counseling staff works to help patients overcome the underlying causes of addiction while learning new tools and coping mechanisms necessary for long-term recovery. Counseling is individualized based on patient needs and various state regulations/requirements.
Could I become addicted to the medications used in treatment?
Methadone and buprenorphine affect the same areas of the brain as other opioids, but if used as prescribed, the risk of misuse or addiction is greatly reduced.
Will this type of treatment interact with my other medications?
Methadone and buprenorphine are known to interact with some medications, so you should always speak with your doctor or counselor about any medications you are currently taking. For list of possible interactions visit:

Note: It is extremely dangerous to take benzodiazepines while in a medication-assisted treatment program with either methadone or buprenorphine. In combination, they have a high risk of causing sedation and respiratory depression which can lead to respiratory failure, overdose and death. Please communicate with your treatment provider and physician about the best way to manage your medications in a safe and effective way.
I am pregnant. Can I still come in for treatment?
MedMark provides coordinated care for expectant mothers, working with your obstetrician or other care provider to ensure your health and the health of your baby are considered in your treatment plan. Methadone and buprenorphine have been proven to be safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Careful monitoring of the dosage is important during pregnancy and your newborn should be watched closely in the few days following their birth. For more information, please reach out to the MedMark program nearest you where a counselor or medical professional can answer more questions about starting a medication-assisted treatment program during pregnancy.
What payment options are available?
All MedMark locations accept cash, money orders and credit cards. Medicaid and commercial insurance is accepted at some locations. Please call the nearest location for more information.
Can you help with other addictions to substances besides opioids?
MedMark specializes in the treatment of opioid addictions, such as pain pills and heroin. We can help you locate treatment if you have another substance use disorder.
Now that I am in recovery, how do I improve my health?
When beginning a recovery program, the immediate priority is to address the withdrawals and cravings that so often cause relapse. As you stabilize on your medication, you can look to begin improving your overall health and well-being. This is the time when you can begin to focus on nutrition, exercise and sleep. Healthy foods and plenty of water are the building blocks of the recovery process the body is going through. Exercise is one way to encourage the natural production and release of hormones which help improve mood and concentration, while sleep offers the body the time it needs to rejuvenate and repair the damage caused by drug and alcohol use.
Why do I need a support system to help me recover from addiction?
A sense of community can provide accountability and motivation in early recovery. Many individuals have strained or nonexistent relationships with family and friends. However, the love, acceptance and hope of a group of caring people about you can make all the difference when facing difficulties in and out of recovery.

Support to help cope with challenges in healthy ways and to prevent relapse can be found in:

  • group counseling at an outpatient program

  • 2-step meetings

  • IOPs

  • other recovery groups

As new relationships are developed and you begin to find success in your program of recovery, the once damaged relationships with loved ones may begin to heal, providing even further motivation to succeed in treatment.
At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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