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MedMark Treatment Centers Perryopolis

Perryopolis, PA, Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

MedMark Treatment Centers Perryopolis is an opioid addiction treatment center in western Pennsylvania serving Westmoreland County, Mt Pleasant, Smithton, Belle Vernon, New Stanton and Monongahela. Our compassionate staff strives for your success through medication-assisted treatment (MAT), counseling, and comprehensive care coordination.


What to Expect at Our Methadone Clinic in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

We offer outpatient treatment services, meaning that you attend our clinic on an appointment basis while living at home. With our outpatient model, you can continue your daily obligations such as work, school or family care while working toward recovery. During your time at MedMark Perryopolis, you can expect to get:

Medication-Assisted Treatment With Methadone

Medication-assisted treatment is our main focus at MedMark Perryopolis. Throughout treatment, you will take a medication that works to satisfy opioid cravings. Your doctor will monitor your progress with the medication and adjust dosages as needed.

At MedMark Perryopolis, we provide methadone MAT. Methadone is a full opioid agonist, meaning it acts as an opioid in the brain. MAT can help keep withdrawal symptoms at bay while you work toward your recovery. The proper dose can vary between clients. Still, methadone does not create a “high” feeling to prevent cravings.

Other Opioid Use Treatment Services

MAT is most effective when paired with counseling and personalized care. Your counselor is dedicated to their services across several platforms. Everything you discuss in treatment will focus on your care plan goals.

Individual Counseling

Counseling focuses on understanding the underlying reasons behind opioid use. A professional is equipped to help you find effective coping mechanisms. Every session will be unique to you and your needs, helping you get to the root of recovery. Learn skills that encourage your progress in a safe and controlled environment.

Coordinated Pregnancy Treatment

We offer compassionate, comprehensive care and safe treatment for pregnant clients. You and your child are always our priority, so we will strive to give you both the care you need.

Drug Testing and Physicals

Per state and federal laws, we perform regular drug testing to ensure your safety. Physicals are also frequent to keep your records updated. These updates ensure we can optimize your health and overall well-being.

Discharge Planning

We want you to succeed after your treatment program at MedMark Perryopolis. You will receive several resources to encourage your ongoing recovery. Continue to make progress toward wellness with the skills you learned in counseling. You will also have access to clinics in your area for recovery management services if you need them.

Supporting Patients Across Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, and the United States

You can find MedMark Treatment Centers across the United States, including two locations in Pittsburgh and multiple clinics throughout Pennsylvania. If you live in Pittsburgh or a nearby suburb, the MedMark Greensburg location may be closer to you. We offer similar services at both treatment centers, so feel free to choose the most convenient clinic to access.

Begin a New Chapter in Your Life

The team at MedMark Perryopolis is committed to helping you reach your goals and create a future without opioids. Contact our team for more information on our services and speak with a staff member today.

At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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