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Anthem Blue Cross California – What To Know

Do you have insurance that covers methadone and buprenorphine in California? At MedMark Treatment Centers and our affiliate, BAART Programs, we accept insurance from Anthem Blue Cross California. Anthem Blue Cross covers patients across the state and helps them get opioid use disorder treatment. Discover more about Anthem Blue Cross insurance plans and how we work with them to give you more affordable treatment.

What Is Anthem Blue Cross California?

Anthem Blue Cross serves patients across the state by offering affordable and comprehensive insurance plans. As a California insurance carrier that covers methadone, they help patients like you looking for opioid use disorder treatment. You can receive Anthem Blue Cross coverage through a variety of sources, including:

  • Employer group plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Individual and family plans

Healthcare providers like MedMark and BAARTin California partner with Anthem Blue Cross to give you the best quality care options possible at a great value.

Where Does Anthem Blue Cross of California Cover Methadone Treatment?

You can get coverage for methadone maintenance through Anthem Blue Cross at a variety of locations across California. All MedMark and BAART treatment centers in California accept Anthem Blue Cross plans. If you have coverage through this company, you can choose from a wide range of clinics throughout the state.

Which MedMark and BAART Locations Accept Anthem Blue Cross?

Every MedMark and BAART methadone maintenance clinic across the state accepts Anthem Blue Cross. Read below to discover locations by metro area.

Bay Area

Serving the San Francisco metro area and the surrounding region, MedMark and BAART assist patients at:

  • MedMark Fairfield: 707-435-9911
  • MedMark Hayward: 510-247-8300
  • MedMark Vallejo: 707-649-8300
  • BAART San Francisco – Market Street: 415-863-3883
  • BAART San Francisco – Turk Steet: 415-928-7800
  • BAART Menlo Park/San Mateo: 650-324-1470
  • BAART Oakland: 510-533-0800
  • BAART Richmond: 510-232-0874
  • BAART Antioch: 925-522-0124

Wherever you live and work in the Bay Area, you can find a treatment center that keeps you committed to recovery.

San Joaquin Valley Area

MedMark and BAART also operate in the San Joaquin Valley area, including in Fresno. Their locations in the area include:

  • MedMark Fresno: 559-264-2700
  • MedMark Stockton: 209-938-0228
  • BAART Cartwright Avenue: 559-498-7100
  • BAART E Street: 559-268-6261
  • BAART Porterville: 559-853-6222
  • BAART Van Ness: 559-266-9581
  • BAART Visalia: 559-625-8890

Whether you live in Fresno or another part of San Joaquin County, we can help you work toward your recovery goals.

Los Angeles Area

With the Los Angeles metro area spanning so much geography, we provide multiple locations so everyone has access to addiction care. You can find MedMark and BAART at these clinics:

  • MedMark Los Angeles: 323-242-0500
  • BAART Beverly: 213-353-1140
  • BAART Boyle Heights: 323-223-6298
  • BAART La Puente: 626-855-5090
  • BAART Lynwood: 310-537-5883
  • BAART Southeast: 323-235-5035

Our convenient locations help you fit treatment into your busy schedule.

Sacramento Area

If you live in the Sacramento area, we can also serve you at:

  • MedMark Sacramento: 916-391-4293
  • BAART Carmichael: 916-974-8090
  • BAART Norwood: 916-649-6793

We work out of multiple clinics near Sacramento so you can work toward a drug-free life.

Contact Us for More Information

Our staff can explain your insurance options to you and assist you in finding the right solution for your needs and budget. You can contact the MedMark team online or get in touch with BAART staff. Let us help you start the path to recovery today.

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