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Financial Aspects of Methadone and Suboxone Treatment

Money is such a strange commodity, even for the average man on the street. For someone who wants to commit to methadone or Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction, the concept of money and everything it implies take on new meaning.

  • Consider first the issue of paying for your recovery. Methadone and buprenorphine programs most likely are not completely covered by your insurance. Some insurance companies make it a mission to avoid paying for any kind of addiction treatment!

But as an adult now taking charge of your own life, you can take pride in arranging for your treatment, whether it’s just the co-pays and deductible or even if the full financial obligation falls upon you. After all, you spent big bucks paying for your drug of choice. Now you are doing the right thing, and it’s your responsibility to keep to your scheduled visits and payments.

  • That responsibility of paying for your recovery extends to the legal situations you got into from using drugs. Maybe you have DUI fines? Did you wreck somebody’s car or steal personal property? Accepting the financial responsibility is a part of recovery. The court will accept reasonable arrangements. If necessary, ask if you can perform community service in lieu of fines or other fees. Making amends to the people you’ve wronged is part of the 12 Steps. You can do it.
A Word of Caution About Methadone and Suboxone Treatment

Making amends to the people you’ve wronged, as you work on recovery from opiate addiction, can cost you both money and pride. But don’t feel like you can’t tell people no when necessary! Too often people get into trouble because they can never say no.

  • The third area of financial impact comes from developing healthy attitudes toward money and expectations. What about the people who have wronged us? In most cases, they will not be paying any money to right their wrongs. If you’ve suffered emotional pain, you have to realize you can’t change the past. You can only change yourself and just move forward. There are no punitive damages awarded in recovery situations. Nobody owes you a living to compensate you for what you’ve been through.

You can gain a thorough understanding of these and other issues by participating in group counseling while you’re in methadone or Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction. Make certain you attend all scheduled meetings.

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