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Recovery and Work Can “Work”

Recovery and work don’t seem like they can go hand-in-hand. One of the biggest concerns people have when considering recovery treatment for addiction is their work schedule. Taking time off from work may not be an option for most people, making the ability to work while receiving treatment extremely important. Far too many people recovering from addiction decide to forgo continual treatment simply because they believe there isn’t a way to continue treatment and work at the same time, which leads to less than desirable results. Fortunately, there are options that don’t make you sacrifice one thing for the other. With methadone treatment clinics, you can receive your administered treatment before work. This reduces symptoms of withdrawal and puts you in top shape before heading into work. Clinics such as MedMark Treatment Centers can work with you and your work schedule.

Missing Work is Not Necessary

When it comes to recovery and rehab, many people think about the movies and television shows they have seen where a recovering addict spends days, if not weeks, within a treatment or rehab center closed off from the outside world. These kinds of centers are available, and for some, it may be the best option. However, for those that cannot afford to get that type of treatment or who cannot be away for that long, they must find another way to restore their life. Thankfully, with the help of a methadone treatment center, you do not need to miss out on valuable work hours. Often times, your employer will not even know of your treatment, thanks to the scheduling options available.

Treatment That Works With Your Schedule

One of the major advantages of using a methadone treatment center for your rehab is that they open early in the morning to provide treatment. At a methadone clinic, the medication is administered by medical professionals. Methadone reduces your body’s reliance on the drug while reducing physical desires to use. When administered before work, you’ll be in your best shape and mental mindset, so you can accomplish more during your shift. Attempting to go into work when partaking in a different recovery program is challenging for some, as the mental and physical anguish of initial separation from the addiction can become distracting and, in some cases, dangerous depending on your line of work.

With certain methadone treatment centers, treatment can be scheduled as early as 5:30 in the morning so you can continue recovery and work as you need it.

Recovery and Work Is Possible

Life does not stop when recovery takes place. You still have work, family, and other aspects of life you need to maintain and cultivate. With MedMark Treatment Centers located throughout the United States, there likely is a location near you. With a methadone treatment center, you can continue your recovery and work without missing hours on the job. When you’re ready to take hold of life and rid yourself of addiction, consider a methadone treatment center to get you back to the life you desire.


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