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Addiction Relapse Prevention In Fort Worth TX

There are places where you can go for addiction relapse prevention in Fort Worth TX. You might think that once you quit using opiates or heroin, that’s the end of the work—you’ve quit! You’re free! You’re clean! But not quite.

There is no easy struggle in order to achieve addiction relapse. Prevention in Fort Worth TX, is something you earn by working your recovery program and sharing your stories. You also have to listen to other people’s stories. You won’t realize the huge effect that pain pills or heroin have had on your life until you listen to the tales told of other people’s use and addiction, and until you tell your own.

Are you a heroin or pain pill addict? You are probably horrified to think about some of the things that you’ve said and done in order to maintain your addiction. You may reluctantly admit that you shouldn’t have taken your grandmother’s heirloom ring—but, you tell yourself, it really belonged to you because your grandmother has money that she hasn’t shared with you. You may be late for a job interview—but only because your girlfriend did not pick you up on time to get you there. But—really? Do you still fool yourself with those half-baked excuses that allow you to blame other people for your bad behavior? At some point you have to start taking responsibility for your own actions and the consequences they bring.

What if you are reading this as the family member of an addict? You truly have no idea just how bad it can get. The stories are shocking. The truths are genuine and change people’s lives—for the worse. The consequences can disable a person, and even kill them.

The Stories Are Horrible

Is there anything quite as bad as opening your purse to find out that your son addicted to opiates has taken your entire paycheck and cashed it to use for drugs? He wouldn’t even care where the mortgage money would come from. Here’s what’s worse: Waiting outside a hospital room, knowing that your relapsed adult son is going to lose the battle for his life. That’s worse.

Maybe you can’t even imagine someone cooking down a pain pill and then shooting it up to get that high that they will do anything to experience. At a 12-step meeting, working on his addiction relapse prevention in Fort Worth TX—somewhere near there, anyway, a long time ago—one young man told about a friend who shot up that dissolved pain pill and then promptly passed out. His friends dowsed him with cold water. They actually picked him up by his ankles and banged his head on the floor in an attempt to wake him up. When that effort failed, they sat back in their chairs, and one of them said, “Oh, man, we’ll just have to wait and see if he wakes up.” Fortunately for them, he did.

Recovery Takes Place in the Rooms

You’ll hear addicts with 20 years of recovery under their belts saying that recovery takes place in the rooms. You can become educated about drug addiction at a substance abuse rehab center. You can achieve recovery through medication-assisted treatment using methadone or Suboxone—the most successful methods of recovery for opiate addicts. However, you will always be striving for addiction relapse prevention, in Fort Worth TX, or anywhere, if you don’t work your recovery.

You do this by accepting the 12 steps as a genuine way to live your life. After all, the 12 steps are pretty good advice. They are paraphrased to some extent or another by the recovery groups for any known addiction relapse prevention group in Fort Worth TX, or wherever you live. Whether it’s Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Dual Recovery Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, they all share the same 12 steps and 12 traditions, or some minor variation thereof.

People need the stories told at 12-step meetings because those stories help them realize that they are not walking alone. The stories make them see that whatever despicable things they have done, other people have done them, too. They discover a reality that no matter how out of control their lives have been, they can still right the wrongs and move forward to be the better person that they know they really are, deep inside.

Places for Addiction Relapse Prevention In Fort Worth, TX

All you need to do is try a 12-step meeting as recommended by your substance abuse treatment counselor. The counselor knows you need to work on addiction relapse prevention in Fort Worth TX, not only through their individual and group counseling sessions but also through the 12-step meetings.

In Fort Worth TX, addiction relapse prevention takes place at a long list of locations. You can find Fort Worth AA groups at the AA Central Office and find meetings at about two dozen places. Meetings start as late as 10:00 p.m. There’s a place on Jacksboro Highway that’s open until 11:30 p.m.

Have you tried the Glass House? You can find meetings going on simultaneously on any day of the week. It’s a place where people working on addiction relapse prevention in Fort Worth TX, can meet and socialize any day, any time.

It’s important to try out multiple groups until you find the one that fits your personality. Maybe the first one or several meetings will seem dull to you with people who speak Martian. But if you keep going, you’ll walk into a meeting with people that click with you. Methadone treatment program counselors also are familiar with the various 12-step meetings throughout the Fort Worth area, and they can help you choose one. All you have to do is ask.

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