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MedMark Treatment Centers Fort Worth


MedMark Treatment Centers Fort Worth is the leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services in the Fort Worth area. We offer outpatient substance abuse services to individuals seeking to end their dependency on opioids. Our treatment professionals are dedicated to assisting each individual patient to work on their goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Services include medication, lab testing, and individual/group counseling sessions to assist patients in overcoming their dependency and addiction to pain medications, heroin and other opioids. We offer services that are flexible to your needs because we understand how difficult it is to make the commitment to start an addiction treatment program. MedMark Fort Worth is an approved Texas Medicaid provider.

Fort Worth Opioid Addiction Recovery Services

At MedMark Fort Worth, we offer a full range of services that address multiple aspects of addiction. We take a patient-first approach to care that keeps your needs in perspective. Our clinic provides the services listed below.


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) With Methadone

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) acts as the foundation for the rest of our services. We specialize in MAT programs that use methadone, a medicine with more than 50 years of results behind it. When you participate in our methadone-based MAT program, you’ll take medication every day that relieves your symptoms. Methadone satisfies the brain’s need for opioids when it’s taken in the right amount, reducing the effects of withdrawal. It also blocks other opiates to make it easier to stay away from them.

One-on-One Counseling

In addition to medication, a MAT patient also receives individual therapy. While methadone addresses the physical symptoms of addiction, counseling manages the psychological symptoms. Learning coping skills for everyday life can help you reduce the urge to use when a trigger happens. Your counselor may also help you rejoin your social circles or find underlying traumas. Every patient has different therapy goals that suit their unique needs.

Group Counseling

During group counseling sessions, you’ll have discussions with an experienced counselor and your fellow patients — a chance to share your recovery experience with others. In a confidential environment, you can find solidarity with your peers and hold each other accountable. Patients who participate in group therapy have a small community that understands their experiences.

Case Management

At the beginning of your treatment, we’ll assign you a case manager. Your case manager will coordinate your care plan and ensure that you receive consistent services. They’ll make sure every member of your treatment team understands your goals and progress. If you need help from community organizations, your case manager can also provide referrals.

Coordinated Pregnancy Treatment

Pregnant and breastfeeding patients can receive safe treatment in their MAT program. Methadone has a higher level of safety for mother and child than detox or the use of other opioids. During pregnancy, your metabolism changes, so we’ll provide close supervision to protect you and your child. We can also coordinate social services from our organization and others that promote your and your child’s well-being.

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Transportation Routes:

How to Visit Our Methadone Clinic in Fort Worth

Our clinic has a convenient location close to the McCart and 820 Covert stop on the 006 bus line. You can find ample parking on-site if you drive your own vehicle to our location.

Take Your Life Back From Opioids

If you would like to begin treatment at MedMark Fort Worth, you can request a medical and clinical intake. We accept walk-ins and appointments for new patients, but you may want to schedule a visit in advance for the best results. The assessment will last about two to three hours. After your intake, you’ll take your medicine for the first time.

To schedule an intake appointment or learn more about our clinic, we welcome you to contact us using our online form or call our office at 817.207.8700.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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