MedMark Services is a leading addiction treatment provider, with 22 outpatient locations in Alabama, California, Georgia, Maryland and Texas. Our services are focused on breaking the destructive cycle of opioid addiction and dependency. All of our programs are nationally accredited, medically supervised treatment programs and our focus is to assist people in regaining control of their lives, free from opioid addiction and the variety of psychological, social and medical problems this addiction creates.

MedMark Treatment Centers began offering addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis in 2006 in response to the growing problem of opiate abuse. Since that time, MedMark has become one of the nation’s leading providers. Our opioid addiction treatment programs provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines the use of pharmacologic interventions with substance abuse counseling to help patients achieve their goals.

MedMark also provides primary healthcare services at six outpatient centers in Florida. Each outpatient clinic has a team of caring professionals providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services. Our primary care teams are dedicated to improving the health status of their patients. Visit our Primary Care Services page of additional information.

At MedMark Services we believe that all patients should be treated with dignity and respect. Our staff members are committed to delivering quality healthcare services in a compassionate and supportive environment.

MedMark Services Leadership

MedMark Services, Inc., provides services in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Texas with new locations coming soon.  We invite you to visit our Treatment Locations page to learn more about our clinics. Read More About Our Treatment Locations.

MedMark Treatment Centers Addiction Services

At MedMark Treatment Centers, we understand that addiction impacts not only the health and happiness of those facing addictions, but also the entire network of concerned friends, family members and loved ones. Read More About MedMark’s Addiction Treatment.