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Opiate addiction treatment available in Dothan, AL on an outpatient basis offering methadone maintenance and counseling services

Looking for opioid addiction treatment in Dothan, Alabama? Let the experts at MedMark Treatment Centers assist. Our outpatient clinic specializes in methadone maintenance, a medically supervised program that helps individuals safely gain independence from addiction to hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, and other opioids. In conjunction with our methadone maintenance services, our clinic also provides substance abuse counseling services to support individuals as they navigate the challenges of overcoming addiction.

Our team of medical professionals provides services in a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental manner to support our patients as they heal. Additionally, MedMark Dothan can provide referrals to other community resources, such as housing, ensuring that each patient’s needs are met as they recover from their addiction to a prescription painkiller.

Contact MedMark Treatment Centers today to get started on the pathway to recovery. Our outpatient clinic offers methadone maintenance, drug abuse counseling, and a range of other services to provide patients with the opiate addiction treatment they need.

The State Opioid Response Grant is Now Available! Medication-assisted treatment with methadone or buprenorphine available at no cost for those who qualify; Additional grant funded services available.

MedMark Treatment Centers-Dothan has earned a Three-Year Accreditation from CARF for the following Program/Service: Outpatient Treatment: Opioid Treatment Program (Adults).


Dothan Opioid Addiction Recovery Services

At MedMark Dothan, we take a multimodal approach to opiate addiction treatment and enable our patients to recover at their own pace. Each patient at MedMark receives an individualized treatment plan that’s tailored to his or her needs. Our program offers the following services:

Methadone Treatment in Dothan

As a form of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), methadone maintenance programs use medicine to help patients manage their withdrawal. Under a doctor’s supervision, the patient takes methadone to replace their brain’s need for opioids. With their withdrawal symptoms under better control, the patient can focus on developing recovery skills through counseling and working their program. Methadone has had years of demonstrated success in helping patients stop using illicit opioids.

Individual, Family and Group Counseling Options

Our treatment model involves opioid replacement therapy with addiction counseling that helps patients deal with the emotional aspects of addiction. We provide three types of counseling:

  • Individual: In one-on-one therapy, a counselor helps the patient set treatment goals and work toward them. All patients who participate in our MAT program also take part in individual counseling.
  • Family: Some patients choose to receive family therapy, where they strengthen and rebuild relationships with their loved ones. They establish a support system and repair any broken trust.
  • Group: Our counseling groups give patients the opportunity to share their recovery experiences. One of our therapists leads a discussion about treatment progress and coping strategies.

The patient can combine these counseling services to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

Coordinated Pregnancy Treatment Programs

Pregnant patients can receive safe care at MedMark Dothan through coordinated. During pregnancy, methadone treatment has a high safety profile compared to detoxing or illicit opioid use. Participating in methadone MAT during pregnancy has a wide range of benefits for patients. It reduces the risk of miscarriage, prevents premature labor and creates a safer environment for mother and child.

Case Management Services

Every patient at MedMark Dothan has a personalized treatment plan managed by their counselor. The counselor coordinates their care by ensuring that the entire treatment team has the same goals in mind. They can help the patient keep track of their treatment goals and change the care plan as the patient’s needs evolve.

Annual Physicals, Medical Follow-Ups and Lab Services

Patients receive a physical at admission and annually thereafter, follow-ups and lab services from our clinical team members to ensure the physical wellness of the patient. Our medical services provide convenience for the patient by streamlining their care. Receiving care from our medical team also makes it easier to coordinate services among providers.

Relapse Prevention Education

At MedMark Dothan, patients receive ongoing relapse prevention education to help them reach their treatment goals. While relapse does not mean a moral failing on the patient’s part, it can make recovery more difficult. By learning strategies to prevent relapse, patients can maintain recovery habits.

Discharge Planning

If a patient decides it is time for them to begin tapering off MAT with methadone, their treatment team can help them develop a tapering plan with the medical staff to do so in a mindful way for long -term success. And when they are ready to move on from the clinic setting and continue their path of recovery after medication assisted treatment, the staff will help them with referrals to ongoing support services.

We encourage everyone looking for help with opioid addiction to request admission to our clinic. Our team prioritizes certain groups to help patients stay safe, but we will never deny care on this basis. Reach out to us to learn about our availability and how we can refer you to additional services if needed.

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Begin the Path to Recovery Today

Let our compassionate team assist you in your recovery goals. We welcome you to schedule your intake appointment at our Dothan methadone clinic by contacting our staff online.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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