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Addiction Treatment for Heroin, Pain Pills, and Other Opioid Dependencies in Essex, MD

For appointments, please call our intake and referral office at 410.225.5452.

We are available and scheduling intake appointments Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 4:00pm.

Opiate addiction treatment is available in Essex, Maryland at MedMark Treatment Centers. Our outpatient clinic specializes in addiction treatment for heroin and prescription pain medications such as Vicodin and OxyContin®. Patients who choose MedMark for treatment have access to a range of services, including medication-assisted treatment and counseling services. By taking a multimodal approach to treatment, MedMark is able to provide comprehensive care to patients as they face the many physical and emotional challenges of the recovery process.


Essex Medically Assisted Treatment Services

Our team has had years of experience providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT involves the use of medication that reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms, helping the patient remain committed to recovery. We also integrate individual and group therapy into our MAT programs. Counseling allows us to support patients in the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. To help patients reintegrate into society, we also offer a range of psychosocial services.

At MedMark Essex, the services available as part of our opiate addiction treatment program include:

Medication-Assisted Treatment Maintenance

Research has shown that methadone and buprenorphine are both effective at helping individuals overcome the physiological effects of a pain pill or heroin addiction. Treatment at MedMark is medically supervised, and each patient receives the dosage appropriate for their individual needs.

The addiction field has had more than 50 years of experience using methadone to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms. Methadone’s decades of positive results make it suitable for many patients with medical supervision. It can relieve severe withdrawal symptoms with a doctor’s support. At the beginning of a methadone MAT program, the patient goes to their clinic every day to take their medicine. These visits help the patient adapt to treatment and offer structure. By following state and federal guidelines, certain patients can earn the right to take methadone home after making progress in recovery.

A patient receiving MAT can also take buprenorphine as their program medication. Buprenorphine addresses mild to moderate cases of opioid use disorder and allows the patient to take it at home. When you have MAT with buprenorphine, your doctor will give you a prescription to fill at a pharmacy. You’ll then have regular follow-up appointments with your doctor. Compound buprenorphine medications also include medicine that deters misuse to promote commitment to recovery.

Individual and Group Counseling

Substance abuse counseling is an integral component of our treatment program. MedMark Essex offers individual and group counseling options to meet the preferences of different patients.

In individual counseling, the patient has a space where they can discuss their thoughts about opioids and related behaviors. Every patient who participates in one-on-one therapy has different treatment goals. They may aim to rejoin social circles, develop coping skills or talk about traumas behind their opioid use. The therapist and patient can work together to identify these goals and meet them. During opioid use disorder counseling, the patient begins to address the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

Some patients choose to take part in group counseling sessions with other patients. During group therapy, one of our experienced counselors leads a discussion about recovery among the group. Everyone who participates gets to celebrate achievements and find solidarity with others. Patients in group therapy discover that others have had similar experiences to theirs, helping them feel connected.

Patient Support Services

Along with medication and counseling, our services encompass case management, relapse prevention, and discharge planning to provide support in other areas of our patients’ lives. We can also provide referrals to other community resources, such as housing assistance, to help ensure our patients receive all of the support they need to successfully recover.

Addiction Treatment That Cares

At MedMark Essex, we foster an environment of respect and compassion for our patients. We understand opioid use disorder as a medical condition — not a failure on the patient’s part. Our staff treats everyone with the dignity they deserve. As each patient progresses through recovery, we share in their joy as they succeed and support them during difficult times.

Our patient-centered approach to treatment allows us to tailor our services to everyone we help. Your care team will create a personalized treatment plan that takes your needs and situation into account. As you work through your care, we can manage your services over time to adjust to changes in your life.

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Transportation Routes:

Transportation Routes to Our Essex Methadone Clinic

Our treatment program is easily accessed by Rossville Boulevard, Pulaski Highway (Route 40), Philadelphia Road (Route 7), and the BaltimoreLink LocalLink 62.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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