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Opiate Addiction Treatment & Counseling in Waco, TX


If you or a loved one is in need of opiate addiction treatment to help overcome dependency on a prescription painkiller or heroin, MedMark Treatment Centers can provide you with the services you need. Our outpatient clinic in Waco, Texas specializes in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that combines methadone and therapy. The methadone maintenance program we offer has certification from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). We also provide buprenorphine-based MAT and additional support services.


Waco Opioid Recovery Services

Individuals looking to overcome an opiate addiction can find the treatment and support they need through the services that MedMark Waco provides. Our patients receive:

  • Individualized care – Each patient that comes to our clinic in Waco, TX receives an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to suit his or her needs.
  • Methadone maintenance – The methadone treatment program at our clinic is used to help patients take a controlled and maintainable approach to overcoming addiction to prescription pain pills or heroin.
  • Buprenorphine maintenance – Buprenorphine is a methadone alternative, effective in the treatment of opioid withdrawal symptoms. MedMark physicians can assist patients in determining the medication-assisted treatment program that’s right for them.
  • Counseling services – Substance abuse counseling is an important component in all of our treatment plans. Our counselors help patients address the mental and emotional challenges involved in overcoming addiction in a compassionate and non-judging manner.
  • Other services – As part of our treatment program, our patients also receive relapse prevention education, discharge planning, and referrals to community resources for other related services they may need.

Every patient at MedMark Waco has an individualized treatment plan that contains a combination of these services. We’ll work together with you to find the right treatments for your needs.

What Type of MAT Will I Receive?

MAT serves as the basis for the rest of our treatment services. In your MAT program, you may receive a prescription for one of two medications — methadone or buprenorphine. Both medications will reduce your withdrawal symptoms and block the effects of opioids. They’ll help you control the urge to use opiates so that you can focus on developing recovery skills. Methadone and buprenorphine provide different treatment experiences.

Methadone treatment involves daily clinic visits. You’ll come to MedMark Waco every day to take your medicine in addition to your medical and therapy appointments. This process helps you develop recovery habits and stay accountable to your treatment. As you progress through the program, you may earn the right to take medicine home in accordance with the law.

Buprenorphine has an upper limit of effectiveness, but MAT involving this medication requires fewer clinic visits. You’ll receive a prescription for buprenorphine that you fill at a pharmacy. During treatment, you’ll have regular appointments with your doctor to maintain a regimen that relieves your symptoms.

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Why Choose MedMark?

Our patients prefer to receive MAT at MedMark Waco because we:

  • Personalize every treatment plan: You’ll work with your care team to create a treatment plan based on your situation and needs. Our patient-centered care ensures the highest possible chance of success.
  • Meet high care standards: Every MedMark clinic has accreditation from CARF. Partnering with this organization keeps us accountable for providing top-quality services.
  • Count on scientific and medical evidence: MAT has years of data supporting its effectiveness in relieving withdrawal symptoms. We offer treatments that have extensive evidence showing positive results.
  • Provide affordable care: MAT is an affordable option compared to other treatments found at addiction clinics. We also accept multiple forms of insurance and payment assistance.


Together, we can get you on the path to recovery from opioid use disorder. Let us help you work toward a drug-free life.


Transportation Routes:

How to Visit Our Clinic

We serve patients within three blocks of the N 25th St and Austin Ave Waco Transit stop. You can take Route 1 (MCC/Valley Mills Dr.) or Route 2 (Valley Mills Dr./MCC). Patients who drive can use our on-site parking.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

When you first visit our clinic, you’ll participate in a medical and clinical intake. This process helps us create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and allows us to get your input. We’ll discuss your medical history and current situation. Then, you’ll take your medicine for the first time.

We accept walk-ins during our operating hours, but you may prefer to schedule an appointment to reduce your wait. Contact us to set up a visit.

Contact Our Waco Methadone Treatment Center

MedMark Waco is committed to providing opiate addiction treatment for our patients in a caring and supportive environment so that they can achieve a healthier and more productive lifestyle. For more information about receiving counseling and methadone treatment at our clinic, contact MedMark Treatment Centers today. Our outpatient clinic in Waco, TX offers low- and no-cost options for qualified individuals. You can contact our office by completing an online form or calling 254.274.3554.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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