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MedMark Treatment Centers is a Bloomington, Indiana, medication-assisted treatment and methadone clinic dedicated to you and your recovery from opiate addiction. We provide a wide array of services to help each individual and their specific needs.

While receiving treatment, patients will be under professional care and will develop an individualized treatment plan with the nurse practitioner and counselor. If you are in need of assistance outside of the clinic while receiving treatment, we can help you with financial, housing, medical or mental services. We are a place “Where Change Begins,” and we will help you every step of the way to reclaim the life you wish for.

Learn more about the intake process and requirements at our Bloomington, IN, location here. If you are ready to make the first step, contact us today to get started.


Opioid Treatment Services at MedMark Bloomington

Opioid addiction is a complex disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach to your care. At MedMark Bloomington, you’ll find a team dedicated to providing you with the best individualized treatment programs in the state. Your personalized plan will include multiple services, such as:

  • Methadone maintenance: As a methadone clinic in Bloomington, IN, we have seen this highly effective medication help countless patients by treating withdrawal symptoms and preventing relapse.
  • Substance abuse counseling: Individual counseling is required as part of your medication-assisted treatment. Both individual and group counseling give you the space you need to understand addiction’s hold over your life, learn to identify triggers and develop essential coping skills.
  • Family counseling: Addiction impacts everyone it touches. Family counseling can help your family heal, grow and move forward together.
  • Case management: You will be assigned a case manager who will handle your treatment program and work with your care team to ensure consistent services.
  • Physicals and drug testing: We monitor your health every step of the way to ensure you’re progressing properly in your treatment plan.
  • Coordinated pregnancy treatment: Expecting mothers require specialized support and coordinated services to ensure the health of both mother and child.
  • Discharge planning: Our services continue beyond treatment by connecting you with essential resources and teaching you post-treatment strategies to ensure your future recovery success.


When you receive care from MedMark Bloomington, our services extend beyond the walls of our clinic. Even if we do not offer certain resources, such as housing assistance, we’ll refer you to those who can provide these community care services.

Why Choose MedMark Bloomington?

At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to medication-assisted treatment to ensure your ongoing success in recovery. Here are just a few of the reasons patients prefer our treatment centers:

  • Industry-leading accreditation: Whether you choose our Bloomington center or another MedMark clinic, all locations have certifications from the federal and state governments. We’re also accredited by CARF — the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This demonstrates our complete transparency and a commitment to quality care.
  • Evidence-based treatment options: Medication-assisted treatment has provided positive outcomes for decades by helping patients break free from opioid use disorder. The treatments found at MedMark are backed by scientific and medical data and have demonstrated effectiveness.
  • Affordable care: You should not sacrifice quality addiction treatment because of what’s in your bank account. We accept multiple forms of insurance, and we also offer some of the most affordable care in the industry.
  • Compassionate staff: Our team truly cares about you, your success and your long-term recovery from opioid use disorder. We are dedicated to helping patients day in and day out.

How to Get Started

To get started at MedMark in Bloomington, IN, simply schedule your intake appointment or drop in during our operating hours. Intake involves medical and clinical assessments that allow us to understand your unique needs. This process takes about two to three hours. Afterward, you will be provided with your first medication-assisted treatment.

Learn About Our Opioid Addiction Recovery Center in Bloomington, Indiana

Recovery is a journey. At MedMark Bloomington, we want to ensure you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead. If you would like to learn more about our opiate addiction treatment program, please contact us today. You can complete our online contact form or call our Bloomington location at 812.727.6700.

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At MedMark, we take a patient-centered approach to opioid addiction treatment.
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