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Opiate Addiction Treatment and Detox Services in Vallejo, CA

If you or a loved one is in need of opiate addiction treatment to help detox from an opiate such as Vicodin, OxyContin®, or another prescription pain medication, MedMark Treatment Centers Vallejo can help. Our outpatient clinic in Vallejo, California provides medication-assisted treatment, substance abuse counseling, and other related services that help support our patients through the challenges of overcoming drug addiction. Research has shown that a multimodal approach to outpatient treatment that includes both methadone maintenance and counseling services is more effective at helping patients successfully recover than either approach on its own.

Our outpatient treatment program in Vallejo, CA, is certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and has helped countless patients through the opiate detox process and overcome opioid dependency. We provide each of our patients with an individualized treatment plan to suit their individual needs and enable them to recover at their own pace. Throughout the recovery process, our treatment professionals are available to help guide and support patients who are working toward a healthier and more productive lifestyle.


Vallejo Opioid Addiction Treatment Services

Patients who come to MedMark Treatment Center in Vallejo, California for opiate addiction treatment have access to a range of services to address their needs, including:

Methadone Maintenance

At MedMark Vallejo, methadone treatment serves as the foundation of our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Methadone reduces the effects of withdrawal symptoms to help patients stay committed to addiction recovery. With fewer cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you can work on building recovery skills. During the first stages of the outpatient program, MAT offers structure through daily clinic visits. After you meet specific benchmarks set by federal and state laws, you can earn take home medication.

Opiate Detoxification

MedMark Vallejo also offers medically-supervised opiate detox utilizing methadone. Similar to longer term MAT, opioid detox uses medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms for those looking to stop misusing illicit opioids.

Individual Counseling

To promote long-lasting recovery, we include one-on-one therapy sessions in our MAT program. When you attend opioid addiction counseling, you’ll work with your counselor to establish and meet recovery goals. Everyone has different objectives in counseling based on their personal experiences. While one patient might focus on rebuilding relationships with family members and loved ones, another may work on past traumas. Substance abuse counseling will give you a space to explore the emotional aspects of addiction and address them.

Guest Medication Services

Out-of-town patients who come from other clinics can come to MedMark Vallejo for guest medication services. We can provide your daily medicine with your home clinic’s permission. Before participating in our guest medication services, we must have approval from your treatment center. Please ask your home clinic to fax a guest dosing request to us before visiting MedMark Vallejo.

Pregnancy Treatment Program

Under a doctor’s supervision, methadone creates a better recovery experience for pregnant patients compared to illicit use or quitting without assistance. MAT with methadone can reduce the risk of miscarriage or harming the fetus during the first trimester. It also prevents premature labor and creates a safe treatment environment for mother and child. Our doctors can tailor your methadone treatment to account for the changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

Case Management Services

MAT programs involve multiple services that need expert coordination for the best results. Your counselor will handle your treatment plan by ensuring that everyone in your recovery team has the same goals in mind. They’ll act as your contact for managing your overall services, and they’ll have regular meetings with you. During these meetings, they will review your care plan to make sure you have the support you need during recovery.

Referrals to Other Community Resources

We understand that opioid addiction can impact many aspects of life. It can affect your finances, living situation, employment and social life. To support you in these areas, we can refer you to community organizations that assist with life’s necessities. Our team will collaborate with resources for food, housing, employment and more to help you reclaim your life.

Discharge Planning

Once you complete MAT, we’ll coordinate resources and aftercare support services to keep you on the path to recovery. We can schedule regular follow-up contacts and refer you to other services to help you succeed.

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For more information on our opiate addiction treatment and detox program, contact MedMark Treatment Centers today. Our supportive and caring team of professionals in Vallejo, CA, will be happy to schedule an intake appointment to get you started on your road to addiction recovery.


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